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Stained Concrete 

    Do you have a garage or other concrete floor that needs a little something? Do you want to install a floor with color, or maybe a stamped concrete element that needs a boost to match your decor? We can stain it! With an array of colors, or blending of colors we can help you achieve the right look, texture and color of an otherwise plain concrete element. From a deep rustic hue to a vibrant and joyful color, we can put the finishing touches on your project. Once we stain it we can achieve the proper sheen or gloss to preserve and "finish" off the concrete to make it durable and attractive for years to enjoy!


      Alone or paired with our stamping process we can make your project come to life! From patios, walkways, driveways, breezeways any concrete you might walk on can be stamped and stained to your choice of patterns and colors